Friday, May 27, 2011

Three simple ideas for Scrapbooks always work

I have always believed that the simple scrapbook designs are the foundations on which based layouts more complicated. More beautiful, multilayer Scrapbook albums that you've seen it all started with just a simple page layout. Every scrapbooker should have at least three configurations of basic that they can use in situations where they stuck on a theme. If you have a few basic configurations in your directory, you'll always have something to fall back on if you need ideas.

Another great reason to have a few designs simple scrapbook into your sleeve is having something to draw. As I mentioned above, you can always use a simple layout and then rely on it to get a superb design that is more complicated than what you started with. Simple ideas scrapbook, I'll share with you have also been tried by some of my friends in their own projects, and if you've seen their pages finished, you'll never believe that they started with a provision such as those in this article.

The first provision of base that you can use is a provision of the grid. Divide your page all also into thirds, or perhaps to quarters if you have a larger page. To the photos and elements of logging, it is advisable to use the same size to obtain a uniform across any page aspect. If you have gaps or margins between each element of photo or logging, make sure that they are also the same size throughout. A provision of the grid will look at its best if the dimensions of the margins and are uniform in size.

Now, you can add all the embellishments you want. You can also use the information document of different models or colors for each square of the grid to add more spice and contrast.

The second page layout, you can use is doubled implementation page. This does not mean that you must use a backgrounder with lines around it. A double page layout means that your key elements are placed in a straight line. The elements most commonly used for a page layout like this are the photos.

You will get an interesting design if you use photos of the same size. Organize photos online on the page, either vertically or horizontally. Sometimes, you can try a diagonal if you are feeling experimental. A double page layout gives you more space for your other elements, such as the logging or just more embellishments.

The third single provision is the layout of point focal. You should have a large photo to use as your subject. It will be the focal point of the page, it is a good idea to have your photo in a larger size than the rest of the elements that surround it. Place your photo on the page slightly eccentric big; start placing smack dab on the environment, and then move a few inches to the left or right. You can then add an element of logging below or next to her, plus the embellishments that you want to.

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