Sunday, May 29, 2011

How to make a baby boy Scrapbook

You're one of those families like mine who have boxes and boxes of photos of your little boy lying in all sorts of places around the house? Or maybe they are not in boxes, but added later on your computer. Having a child is a wonderful experience for the whole family, it is very natural to try to capture all those precious moments by taking lots of pictures. But all enjoy the pictures and remember the events much more if you edit and organize the best for viewing. One of the best and also the most fun to do, it's a boy album.

My mother made a scrapbook of all her five children, to document our growth and major events in our lives. She had four boys and me, her only daughter. Therefore, she made four albums for baby boys. Of course, they were quite different than it did for me. All our lives when we are together as a family, we get our books and remember and tell. Now he can not do more to maintain the tradition by updating the books of his grandchildren, and now creates from those of his grandchildren. Therefore, the albums are a precious legacy of the family.

Maybe you want to do an album for your little boy, but you do not know me enough to start, even scrapbooking. Do not worry, it's easy and fun. You can be as simple or as luxurious as you want. You can now make simple pages and embellish them later. You do not need to be an artist. K skills you've learned - cut and paste - bass. The key is to start and organize images into meaningful form that people can enjoy. Continue adding the child grows so you have a story that illustrates in his life. Believe me, you'll be very glad you have created an album boy when you see how your family, and later his family for him.

You will need supplies to get started: an album, different types of pages, good pair of scissors, glue, etc. Be careful on the sides. You need acid-free pages, image archives of valuable heritage. You can buy everything you need to store online or at your local craft. Do not be overwhelmed by the selection here. You'll see a lot of stickers and other cute things, especially for albums baby. But you can buy the latest improvement on the necessity or something special.

An initial proposal is to leave memories that you want included in the album before the end of the picture. Then, with this plan, you will be able to take all your photos scattered and combine in a coherent story.

This method does not really work for me. I'm not organized, I guess. What I do is past all the pictures and the cell by date. forcing me not to compromise on the changes and to lay the pictures really poor - fuzzy duplicates, what has been said to the child, but it's just the sky and trees.

Then, starting with the first cell. Spread over a large table or floor, to select the best images that go hand in hand to tell the story and arrange them on the page. Leave room for the event title, date, who, what, and nothing interesting. The date is very important now that it is still fresh in your mind. My mother has no date, and we always ask when something happened.

You can add many other goods and more photos. For a new baby shower invitation, notify a copy of his birth, graphics, inch, and foot of birth is a pleasure. As you age, you probably start a new book. You can place the report cards, newspaper clippings and letters, school sports, band and honor, something important for him.

The most important thing to remember when you make an album to love. As long as you do, you albums perfect every time.

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