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A Scrapbook for the baby-10 tips to create beautiful Baby memory books

You are now just proud parent of your new baby. You won't want to remember this unique event by creating a scrapbook for the baby. It is easy and very fun to find creative ideas for a book memory for your new offspring.

Select the Album.

The first thing that you should think when it come to make a baby of the album is detailed how the scrapbook you want to be. There is a wide range of different sizes, you can choose from when it comes to select albums, so it will be very detailed that you consider a larger size, such as the popular album of 12 x 12 size.

Getting organized

When you start the Organization and planning of all the scrapbooking ideas you can start from the beginning - such that when you were pregnant. Some women will far save all the details of their pregnancy month by month.

Photos of the birth may be included, but some people may consider it too personal. It does not depend on which you will share your scrapbook with.

After the birth.

Once that the baby is born, to get a lot of pictures of the mother with the baby.

Include cards that family and friends sent to congratulate you on the news and were sent with flowers and gifts. A copy of the birth certificate may be included.

You must determine how long a period of time the album will be span. You could make the scrapbook on the first year of the baby, or if you have a lot of pictures and collect lots of memories, you can do a shorter period of time, such as 6 months.

To customize the individuality of the baby album, choose a shade of cardboard. There are masses of stickers and embellishments with a theme of baby. Include the name of the baby in your credentials page and the name of the baby embossed on the cover.

Various ways to organize your baby Scrapbook

1 Pregnancy - a record month by month during pregnancy.

2. The birth and the mother and baby together, just after the event.

3 Baby after birth, in the first weeks of life. Add a copy of the birth certificate.

4 Baby sleep in a bed or cot, they get into some interesting positions and facial expressions.

5 Baby in his bed with favorite toys arranged.

6 Active baby, play with their toys.

7 Baby in the family tree. Make a scrapbook of the family patrimony. Start with a background of family tree which uses a chart of nice tree with names arranged on her family.

8 Time of dinner, sleep and eat.

9 Baby fast that falling asleep at the dinner table - many babies sleeping in their highchair, their heads in the end, on the status bar.

10. The time of the bath with baby in the bath. Ships and rubber ducks can be added here.

Whatever layout scrapbook page ideas are used, remember that each page is where you can tell your story.

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