Sunday, May 29, 2011

Scrapbook trends for everyone

To test the new trends in scrapbooking, would you read this post. Let me share a short list but useful trends in accessories, paper and strategies. I recommend you look at these trends in scrapbooking, after reading this description, after all, practice makes perfect.

Trends in the document

there are many technical articles for women, so you can try them all. Consider using vellum, mulberry paper or tissue paper. I especially like the tissue paper because of their softness and elegance. Simply print and you will understand exactly what I mean.

You can also use vellum to add to your point of view. Quality semi-transparent means that it works effectively with layers, which can still be seen in some drawings in Enjoy the elegant structure and visual appeal.

Mulberry paper is a fibrous handmade paper specialist can sometimes be confused with rice paper, but be careful, because the two documents is quite in contrast to the other. You can use the paper mulberry home, or overlay, as it adds a nice texture and even semi-translucent (but not as vellum).

Tends to techniques 

here are some methods that can be used with your goods typical or even with all the news that you have entered above. First we choose to tear the paper. Worn edges on the origin and also on several layers of paper often produce something attractive for the sides. Using this method, with a thick, hard paper carton. Wet the sides a bit just before the toes and do not forget to use your fingers to take sides or edges, instead of scissors.

The next strategy paper rebirths. It seems pretty easy and simple, but believe me, many beginners always avoid using it. They may not know how, or they are frozen in the very idea of ??using flattened, backgrounds ever. But the crumpled paper with a result of great stuff, and you should try before discarding.

For wrinkles, all the papers you need to do is missing, the dish, spray with a little water, the offensive, and finally balance with a hot iron. You can use small pieces of crumpled paper for modules, or perhaps use some of the background.

Accessory Trends 

How many times have you used stamps, labels, stickers, cutouts, advice and links to your album? It is generally excellent tools and components, but why do you plan to use other objects such as chalk, or metal buttons? Many scrapbooking stores are actually large metal accessories that are made of materials that do not rust, and are safe for use on your scrapbooking projects.

Speak Easy album supplies, it is also an acid-free pen can be used to highlight the original frames and edges. If used as a result of the large chalk to make pages in need. Use only the applicator with foam or something like that.

The buttons are handy, but today there are buttons that are specially designed for use in scrapbooking. These buttons are specialized in a variety of colors, shapes and styles, so you do not select a few to complete your design challenges.

There you have it

entirely new products, new paper, and a handful of new ways to experiment. Always take the time to read the latest methods of scrapbooking materials and methods, this way you can still keep your creative, fun and exciting pastime.


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