Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scrapbooking - organize the Chaos to create with ease

Scrapbooking is a time picked past, I did not really up, but that my mother has not yet of suppression. It amazes me how much time and effort goes into each page short - countless hours of planning, shopping, reorganize, printing, painting, cutting, clipping, collage and sharing. My mother has an entire room in his house dedicated to scrapbooking supplies so that it can design his masterpieces. Several pieces of custom scrapbook furniture line walls, with custom scrapbook of supply holders all more drawers stuffed ras edge, suspended, and yet everything is completely organized and devoid of chaos.

You see, not only is my mother a scrapbooker, but her husband is an artist in his own right. Crafts, love, each piece of furniture scrapbook she needed. When he noticed his evil to complete his albums on the small desktop computer that they had, he went to work in the garage of a table of 5 feet specifically moulding for his room-Beautifully colored and meticulously assembledIt is a work of art which would cost hundreds of dollars in any store.

When he noticed his scrapbook supplies piling everywhere, floors of filling and perched at the top of each cabinet, it is going to work once again. Designing devices for storage of all types-hangers, drawers, file flat, separators and more. Now, my mother, the extraordinary, scrapbooker knows exactly where each piece of material, each sticker, each Ribbon, each page and each image has found on a moments notice. If the inspiration for impactor, it can instantly begin development. There is a certain level of confidence and the beauty behind the person who sacrificed much of their time to create memories that will last for generations to come.

Whenever a page is complete, we are convinced to be shown; "A day will your grandchildren have this," she said. It is as if our history family is planted in the pages of his books to be never forgotten, and everyone knows it. Scrapbooking for us has become more of a one woman show-It is a celebration of the family and everything that we do, infused with that long understanding beyond our time, those that we love to research on pages with smiles, remembering us for who we were and relive the moments that brought us the most joy, knowing that our family lives, liked better, deeply appreciate every moment has given us to enjoy each other company.

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