Friday, May 20, 2011

Scrapbook Layout ruined? Probably not!

No error - only room for beautification. It is one of my sayings. I also always say my scrappers they cannot make a mistake that I have not already. That's how I know how to repair both of them!

Really good, did any how careful you are, at one time or another, you will probably find an error, mark, or what you consider a mess on your finished scrapbook page. Here is how to deal with some people.

Adhesive wandering on a page is usually easily rubbed with a gum of art, or sometimes you can rub off it with your finger. But be careful if you've been stamping because you probably ink on your hands (probably several colours) and you do not want to give in to the page.

Abandon a pad of ink or stamps that still has ink on it, on your page? Can you add an photo on-site? What a flower or sticker or logging spot? If all else fails, you may be able to cut another piece of paper identical to that which has deteriorated and he lay at the top of the mark.

Logging errors, you can cut a piece of cardboard to cover the error and any rewrite your logging. Even if I don't like, I struck in fact thanks to a word which is wrong and kept on logging. My children and grandchildren know I am not perfect and my hope is that they can enjoy at least have my (poor) writing samples. If all else fails, add an image on the spot of logging.

Streaks of fingerprints on your photographs can be removed by rubbing the fingerprint with a piece of flannel or another soft cloth. I generally choose Matte Photo simply because they show the fingerprint.

If you have excess glitter on a page, you can use a brush of small artists to brush by far. It is also good to remember that you can delete the static electricity before heat embossing or the addition of glitter simply by rubbing the page with an old sock which was filled with starch of corn or baby powder. (Mine is an old sock of gym of my husband, but my friend has hers in cute, little lacy sock girl). Just fill partially complete and attach a good node at the top of the page. These socks are also perfect to take the character pasting off the coast of the rear of the stickers that you want to pop up!

Sometimes, when doing a 2 page layout, some strips of paper are asked on the left page to match perfectly with a band on the right page. If you put a strip of paper downwards in the wrong place and cannot stand without tearing the paper, you can try to UN - Do. It is a wonderful solution that you can buy that will loosen the adhesive immediately and let you get up. Don't worry, it is safe for your photos and documents and will dry quickly. You will never know it was there. But sometimes, you just go with the error. No one knows where you meant that the strip of paper to be! You can enable the degrees of page 90 or 180 for a different look. Addition of tape would help? Play with it a little bit and be not frustrated.

Nine times the 10 person will notice small errors that you might have. For all the time we spend making pretty layouts, most of the people are really looking at photos of your gorgeous children or pets or flowers or anything that you save memories.

Don't forget there are tons of things, you can add to a page to cover a mistake: flowers, ribbons, stickers, a stamped component, strass, metal (brads, in turn photo, etc.). Get creative!

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