Sunday, May 22, 2011

Scrapbooking - 4 steps to create beautiful Pages

Many people ask me what is the best way to create a scrapbook of zero page? Well, there are many answers to this question. The truly best way to create beautiful pages is to plan. It's the right PLAN! Planning is the key to beautiful scrapbook pages development. Please enjoy my process 4 step base creating fantastic pages of scrapbook.

Step 1: Select photos

When you are preparing to create a scrapbook page, either on paper or on the computer, you must first decide which of your photos that you want to use. The photographs that you choose to work with will often have a theme within them. For example, photos of your first girls dance recital or your son, winning the game of football, a definitely sets a topic appropriate for a layout of one or two, or perhaps more depending on the number of photos you want to use.

Step 2: Determine the theme or Color Palette

Once you have your photographs selected, you must take a critical look at them to determine if they have an underlying theme. They are all the photos from a trip to the zoo? Or they are all the photos of your children baby? Perhaps, they are images of a special parent or a memorable event. They are perhaps just images of a regular afternoon. The photographs depict, they will almost always have an underlying theme or color standout starting photographs. You can choose to create the pages with the underlying theme (for the zoo trip - you can use animal embellishments of zoo and documents), or you can look at the colors in the images or choose your favorite colors to celebrate your photosyour way.

Step 3: Plan your layout (especially if you use traditional scrapbooking)

Then, you need to determine how you want to provision the photographs. In General, you want to focus on photographs of 1 to 5 per page, anything more that this can be confusing to viewers. This is particularly important for traditional scrapbooking, because if you skip this step and just start the collage on your photos, you are very likely to end up with pages that you don't like and pictures that cannot be reused.

Step 4: Put it All Together

You have photographs, have determined the range of your theme or color, and have decided to the page layout. Now it is time to put all together. Be creative and have fun. The planning you've done will help you fill your pages quickly enough with excellent results.

This 4 step process is the best way that I developed to create beautiful scrapbook pages. Although I tend to create some layouts primarily digital anymore, these tips will work with digital scrapbooking and scrapbooking traditional paper. For digital scrapbooking, concerns about the page layout planning are less important because you can simply move the element or the photo at any time. For digital or computer scrappers, the main advantage of use of scrapbook sketches is the fact that it save you much time in the long term and prevent you from faced with the formidable "block scrappers.".

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