Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tips for amateur women

Scrapbooking is a wonderful-very relaxing and satisfying pastime and an excellent way to unleash your creativity! It is a chance to safely store your memories, as many of us have hordes of photos drag boxes. Use these photos to create albums of all your favorite people and things. The first thing you need to do is to sort your photos. Perhaps by event or year or family, friends, pets, or special holidays. It is your choice. Scrapbook pages must have a theme by example-"our vacation at the beach" or "Johnny's first Christmas". Group as a set of photos or you can have wider themes such as "friends" or "playtime".
There are several scrapbook bits and pieces that you can buy, but to start simply consider the purchase of basic equipment.
Beginner scrap bookers might consider the following-
a small guillotine for cutting adhesive free photosacid - there are many available forms. For example, sticks of glue or double-sided tapea mata blade and corner templates of different photosa Cup rounder shape (simple machine carefully rounds the corners of your photos) acid free to write on scissors photossharp pen
You also need an album of scrapbooks with acid and lignin free pages in the size of your choice. Would you like to buy a refill too.
You will need a variety of documents structured, colourful, cardstock, stickers and embellishments that can be used to decorate your page.
There are many other tools of scrapbooking and articles, but these will get you started.
To start a page, choose 3 or 4 photos that have a similar theme. Place on the page to see how they look. Experiment with the size and shape and position. Let your creativity! Use your guillotine to cut unnecessary background.You would like to cover severe white of the page with a color background page and place your photos directly on. You want can be more creative and cut a piece of colored background paper slightly larger than your photo and get your photo on that. You may as the white background.It is your choice. Use acid free glue and paste the pictures in the background that you choose. Ornaments are great fun. You can add some stickers, arcs, crazy sayings, labels, letters, or borders to add color and interest. There is a huge variety there. But a word of warning-do not do so in suffering. Remember, notice of birth certificates, newspaper clippings, maps, school work, photos of children, invitations can also be used to add interest to your scrapbooking and is a way to preserve those special memories.
Once you have completed your first page, you won't want to stop. Good luck!
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