Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Scrapbooking and Cardmaking, Craft punches

A technology that I love to use my craft punches for is to flowers. For an idea you can turn out two or three flowers in a size, and then get a smaller flower punch and punch or two of those charged also. You would then assemble them all together to ensure that compensate them when they are placed on top of each other, with larger flowers bottom and small flowers at the top. You can plagues the edge of flowers and ink them to give them a different look. Or you can scroll and ink edges of the flowers is another nice effect. Once you get the flowers bring a brad through the middle and you have a simple decoration on your card. In combination with some bling and ribbons that you would have a quick and easy card. Or you can repeat the flower design over and over again and put some on a card or scrapbooking page.

Another technique that I particularly want is to get a picture of a butterfly and cut. Then using your craft punches, Stamping out a big square and a small square, place the small square on the larger square. You can then add the butterfly up with some magic mount. This would also repeat down or in the middle of the card or you can place one in the middle of the card. Please add a little glitz or ink and some Ribbon and you have another easy card.

Another popular idea is to use a Scallop border punch to create an interesting effect on the card or on a scrapbooking paper that you put on the card. You can then hit some scallops in different sizes and put them together for another decoration.

There are so many boats punches on the market the sky really is the limit of what you can create, they are a real must for all scrapper stash file.

A quick tips on keeping your craft punches cut clean is to stamp them through some aluminium foil from time to time. This will ensure that they are sharp and make a clean cut through your cardboard box each time.

There are many tutorials and classes available online that can show you ways to make the most of your boat punches.

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