Monday, June 6, 2011

Six ways you can add logging to your Scrapbooking

Logging may seem like a simple element to add to your albums, but experienced scrappers knows that it can be an excellent tool for adding flair and personality to their pages. Some beginners can understand the importance of journaling, but sometimes they get confused on how exactly to use it.
Here's a list short but useful in 6 ways that you can add logging to your albums. Remember that you do not have to follow step by step. What is important, is that you get the ideas for the use of logging to your own pages.
1. Dates and names - start with the basics. Most beginners were worried much directly written on their scrapbooks, especially if they are not enough confidence in their own handwriting. Writes the relevant dates and the names of an event or a topic will be the first step towards more confidence in logging. If you are concerned in writing directly on the page, you can also use certain cards or labels and mount it later.
2 Forms and curves - write a sentence or phrase in a circle or a curve. This can superb on a patterned background, you can add just a touch of fantasy by putting your words in a form, not always in a straight line down.
3. Frames and borders - add a little more flair to your photos mounted by writing your thoughts, or perhaps some additional information on the boundaries, or even on the image itself. You do not have to write a full sentence; We will be just a few words.
4 Letters and poems - if you want to have the possibility to let the world know what you really feel to your subject, write a letter or perhaps a poem on the event or the person you're scrapping on. Don't worry if it becomes too long to put in the page; You can always use slide tags or even create a page separate to your logging, complete with his own embellishments.
5. Use scrap - items you do scrapbooking, after all. So why not use articles every day as packages of matches, pockets torn-up, fabric or flat metal? If you are a woman of few words, it would be an ideal solution for you, you get another chance to show off the coast of your creativity with these articles. You can use paint, markers, pencils or anything else you want.
6 Index and Dedications - these are elements of large logging for those who do not want to clutter their pages with a handwriting. You can create an index page or a dedication page to write additional information to your subject.
These are some of the ways in which you can add logging to your albums. As you continue to take advantage of this great hobby and to learn more techniques, you will soon find ways new and still better to use logging for your pages.
Don't forget that there is no way to good or evil absolute to any what in scrapbooking, so go ahead and do not hesitate to experiment with. This is the best way to learn and enjoy craft at the same time.

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