Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Scrapbooking and card making: Die cuts and rubber stamps now coordinate in the latest trend

Die cuts and buffers have been around since the birth of scrapbooking and manufacturing of the map and all two have had an enormous impact on this industry in particular. It has often been discussed too who was the first, the cut or stamp. Well it's like asking who was the first the chicken or the egg. Now, this seems not more important. The most important is that finally they work together to provide unlimited design capabilities.

Business first of cutting are now coordinating their dies with stamps of rubber stamping companies. And what can be said a crafter hallelujah! It has been long coming, but opened a new market or should say us that a newly merged market has been created by providing the map makers and women around the world with endless design possibilities. In this article, we will take a deeper overview that begins the trend and who benefits.

Initially, it appeared that cutting die companies would try to release their own lines of rubber stamps and never could benefit. Sell the dies and stamps would sit there. The same companies too stamping was happening. They would attempt to free a die - cut with their stamp and it would fail. Although this has changed now. The two industries carrying out to stick to what they do best, i.e. cut manufacturers doing only box and stamping rubber stamps manufacturers only it is revealed to be more profitable. However, Spellbinders paper Arts with some others decided to finally work with stampers and coordination of rubber stamps to match their own dies. Although risky proved to be a successful company. With the art of rubber & clear stamps in coordination with die-cuts.

As the two markets has begun to show signs of wilting away with this miraculous winning combination now a merged market is drawn off the coast of the latest trend that fades not whatsoever. With such companies as JustRite stampers, sincere creations, Sparkle would Sprinkle and many other companies of stamping is reaping the benefits of producing exclusive stamp lines. These products coordinated with Spellbinders nestabilities dies and other leading dies to mark such as the crafts of lifestyle (formerly Quickutz) and Sizzix Ellison.

He has now gone as far as some companies endorse send their stamp designs cutting companies to manufacture exclusive dies for only them. Kind of a co-branding passes if you want to. And the artisans are not complaining. The phenomenon that occurs is now scrapbook lovers or those who make maps and not only buy a rubber stamp, but coordination die cut. Or visa versa. This creates an increase of 50% of revenue for this cross market newly merged.

In conclusion cross marketing is not new in the world, but as stated in this article that it continues to be effective. Especially for the world of scrapbooking. As indicated at the beginning of this post that die cuts and rubber stamps have long existed, but the connection of their overall marketing was still to be done up to now. It is the most recent and the greater tendency among those who scrapbook pages and map making. This new market merged goes further and has only given designers more opportunities to create souvenirs merveilleux, invitations, etc. And I would not be surprised if paper soon follows and joined the trend.

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