Sunday, June 5, 2011

Three things you should remember Pages of Scrapbook lettering and logging

Don't forget that scrapbooking is on the use of elements such as photos and memories. You can use photos and images and surround it with accessories. You highlight all with embellishments such as ribbons, buttons of fantasy, garlands and laces. Expose you all these on a paper patterned or coloured and combine as different fruits on a same plate. Lettering and logging, meanwhile, are additions that make it different and custom scrapbooking. The two ideas make use of the letters, but this is just the way of execution which differs.

Lettering and logging are similar ideas that come with very different approaches. For its part, the lettering is subject using cursive letters or printing, using your own handwriting or obtaining of inspiration and ideas from software or scripts and available fonts. However, the logging is subject on a story or life experience, gives meaning to a page by letters and words. Sounds complicated? Well, not really.
To better understand these techniques, here is a list of logging good tips and tricks of lettering:
Logging and lettering became more effective if done personally.
This means, you can make lettering and logging using a more personal medium, like your own handwriting. Add names and dates of photos with colored pencils. You can write names, dates of even the names of important places by either by capital or small letters.
Keep all simple and Basic.
This is a great suggestion for women only from. Surprisingly, it is easy for relating a story with words, suppress with fonts is another problem. Yes, you can have the best love poem for your layout of marriage or you authentic apple pie recipe your grandma, which is perfect for a page of the family patrimony. But what happens if you are plagued by so many fonts, scripts and ideas of lettering? What idea should use? The answer is simple. Go for something simple and easy to read.
For example, in terms of lettering, perhaps it is best if you will do everything to do with hand lettering. Creative lettering is also with choice as dot lettering and lettering of the bubble. The idea is really to make your words the simplest and most complete way. And keep the simple phrases or names, really means send your thoughts and feelings more effectively.
Be resourceful and open-minded when it comes to lettering and logging of ideas.
Of course, as you read compilations and books about scrapbooking, technical and advice seem to be useful, but creates confusion. And if this occurs, the only approach would be to look in your work area and review with you first. For example, if you are not familiar with photo editing software, it is then more convenient to do things manually.
Instead of purchase and download of scrapbooking lettering of the applications in the net, why not use your material available as resources? If you have a collection of markers and highlighters, then lettering creative becomes more appropriate when your logging and title pages. In other words, you can try to read and learn anything, but only choose ideas you can do and have the most fun with.

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